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Dezeen promotion: New Zealand-based brand Resident has released the minimal Jiro Swivel Chair by British designer John Tree, which aims to challenge the norms of workplace seating.

Described by the company as "the essential work chair", the Jiro Swivel Chair is constructed from oak veneer and features a four-star base that has been die-cast to provide an ergonomic and flexible support.

Tree .

"From the beginning we focussed on paring back the design, so all that existed were the essential elements."

Designer Tree aimed to challenge the traditional formats of office seating by creating a chair that offers maximum comfort with minimal elements.

"It is clear that work isn't really occuring in the archetypal office anymore," said the designer.

"It is spreading out and taking place in peoples homes, in coffee shops, and also in very dynamic situations where people are sharing workspaces. So the point of this chair is to address this modern need for utility."

The flexible T-shaped back rest and circular seat of the chair is made from oak plywood that has been finished in either natural lacquer or with a black stain.

The seat can be bought with or without an upholstered cushion.

"Plywood was a really good material to use for this chair. It is supernatural, there are no plastics in it, and when applied to the backrest, it is something that the user can get a lot of comfort and flexibility from," said Tree.

"The balance of the back rail and the vertical ply support was key. We stripped both of these down to the bare minimum and managed to get a super-refined part, whilst still maintaining a very high degree of comfort."

The chair, which was 18 months in the making, was previewed to a special trade audience last week via a webinar .

More information on the Jiro Swivel Chair, which is now available to pre-order, can be found on Resident's website .

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