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Do you have a bay window and wonder how to utilise the space better? Take inspiration from this savvy homeowner who has creatively made her own DIY window seat -- complete with concealed storage!

A job very well done, and even more so because it only cost her £29.

Courtney Gallears, 27, a hairdresser and mum of two from Staffordshire, creatively used an old wooden pallet, furniture paint and a cot mattress to make her winning window seat.

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Courtney's bay window before

'Since I was a little girl, I have wanted a window seat' Courtney tells Latest Deals. 'I was looking on Pinterest for ideas and I saw that you could make a lot of things out of pallets.'

'The space in front of the window was perfect to build a simple storage window seat' she says.

When adding the built-in storage element she remarks, 'My flat is small and both of my daughters have a lot of toys' So building a clever concealed storage space was a no-brainer.

DIY window seat

Courtney explains how she went about the transformation, 'I used one pallet, one length of 2×2 timber, one length of 2×4 and a small sheet of 15m plywood. All the wood was salvaged.'

She then skilfully fixed the 2×2 timber to the wall, using raw plugs and screws. Before screwing the two pieces of 2×4 to the front.

'I cut the short length of pallet wood and screwed it to the 2×4 with a 5m gap in between each piece.' Next she used the remaining pallet wood to frame the front panels, filling the screw holes and sanded it -- ready for painting.

'I painted it with Wilko satin finish wood paint. Once this was done, then I cut the board for the top and laid it over a cot mattress which I then cut to size.'

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'I covered the mattress with a grey bed sheet and stapled it to the board. The total cost was £29 -- £9 for the paint and £20 for the mattress.'

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'It took five hours of work spread over five days,' she adds. 'I'm very happy with the finished product.'

'This project was great for myself during lockdown as it gave me something to do. It has created a beautiful bright seating area and some much needed storage!'.

Totally inspiring, thank you for sharing Courtney.

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