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This first picture is so special to me because @meaganthayne and I were going through a hard spot. We had just found out Meagan was pregnant but had been told there were some major concerns with the stage our baby was at and that it would almost certainly end in a miscarriage. Meagan flew out to Hawaii to hang out with me at the end of a business trip. Obviously, this news was devastating to both of us, especially Meagan. But after lots of prayers and faith, our baby turned out okay. It’s been amazing for me to see how since DAY 1 of finding out we were pregnant, Meagan has fought for our little family and for our baby girl. It’s been incredible watching her and seeing what a mother she is already turning out to be. I couldn’t be more grateful to be partnered with such a humble, thoughtful, kind, beautiful, adventurous, sensitive, faithful and gracious woman. Our future kids are SO lucky to have her. I just can’t wait to see it all in action this coming October when our baby girl joins us. I can’t believe all that we have experienced together and it’s crazy looking back and thinking about how everything Meagan has gone through as an individual, and what we’ve gone through together, has just prepared us to be parents one day. she is going to be an truly angelic mother. — anyway, I’m getting long winded. I just can’t express how blown away I am by this girl every day. I can’t wait to see how she is with our babies. I love you, Bean. — also, hope you all enjoy the random pictures and videos from other moments we’ve had together. 🙌🏽

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