An Idyllic Farmhouse In Victoria, For a family of Five

Are you wishing you had just a teeny-weeny more space at home right now? I love my home in Malmö in many ways, but I guess, when pressed, there are some things I miss more than ever. Like a big garden where I could grow vegetables, take a stroll and sip rosé in the evening sun! The Shower family have found this and a whole more in rural Stanley, North East Victoria, Australia. Living simply, following the seasons and beating to the drum of their small town, the family are in the process of turning their home - Black Barn Farm , into a biodiverse orchard, nursery and learning space. The fruit from the orchard is seasonally available through farmer's markets and a 'pick your own' service will commence from 2021. In the meantime, you can tuck into apple cider doughnuts, pick up a perennial and enjoy one of their many events and workshops. Welcome to life, down on Black Barn Farm!

I can imagine owning a farm requires a massive amount of work, and the Shower family sound really dedicated and passionate about what they do, which is really inspiring!

It also looks like a truly idyllic place to spend a childhood, don't you think?

Could you imagine living on a farm? I'm undecided, but seeing these pictures certainly has me considering a life-change!

When I finally make that trip to Australia one day, this is going to be on my list of places to visit!

Feeling the farm vibes today (imagine all that space?!)? Here are a few others I love:

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