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Working from home has provided some professionals with extra time in the day. With the subtraction of commute hours, the availability to pursue extracurriculars seems more abundant. While many are using that additional time to manage the kids or navigate other ripples of the pandemic , others are using the time to adopt new hobbies or commence some new side projects. Huge hill in my backyard was covered in weeds. The dirt on the right side down by the wall was sitting above the ridge at the bottom. My wife and I removed all of the weeds and transferred a bunch of dirt from the right side over to the left to level out the dirt that meets the top of the wall. Photos courtesy of author. After everything was cleared up, my wife and mother-in-law planted new plants. We have a handful of succulents, some lavender, pomegranate, irises, creeping myrtle, and some others. My father-in-law and I dug the holes. Photos courtesy of the author.

I've been recently gardening more with my wife and I was curious what others in our community were up to so I started a discussion in our forum . We've got about 90+ comments so far, if you haven't shared, definitely head over and share with us what you've been up to. It was great to here what members of the community have been up to.

Chad Miller has still been working full time, but has found some time to work on his sketching and building his home. He even shared some shots from his notebooks: In progress life sketch. Courtesy of Chad Miller. A playhouse idea Chad Miller has been working on. Courtesy of Chad Miller.

hsianglin shared his hobby of riding an electric unicycle that he then posts on his YouTube channel . He shared how it provides him great practice in speaking and communication. Check out one of his episodes below:

J. James R. " Made this mid-century esque basement storage shelf:"

atelier nobody is hoping to start making jewelry again. archanonymous' primary hobbies are gardening and bicycles. I was provided with some helpful gardening tips from archanonymous that I plan to try out soon. Ancient Sheds has been homeschooling the kids, working on CAD standards for the team and has been 3D printing PPE on the weekends. A full plate indeed.

Everyone is doing something different. Others have been cooking, working on writing projects, and a couple of other side hobbies. I think one of my favorites was a recent comment from Black_Orchid:

"...just here to hopefully remind everyone to slow down, breathe and try to enjoy small things in life we would otherwise take for granted like fresh air, time with loved ones, slow downtime to decompress or read, get your hands dirty with hobbies or outside if you can or just day dream about simple times. Sending out good energy to all of you!"

Don't forget to check out the discussion here .

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