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Rendering of ZHA's winning design for CECEP Shanghai HQ. Render by Negativ. Closeup of ZHA's CECEP Shanghai HQ proposal. Render by Negativ.

"With Shanghai's significant temperature differences between day and night, each building's integrated thermal mass also provides reductions in both heating and cooling consumption. Extensive use of locally-produced, prefabricated components will reduce the project's embodied carbon and also support the local economy while procurement will prioritize the use of recycled materials.

"Photovoltaics located at roof level and within the fa├žades are connected to battery storage and a micro-grid to provide on-site energy production that will reduce energy consumption by 25%.

"In addition to high-efficiency heating and ventilation with waste heat recovery, together with cooling systems using non-potable water, the new headquarters will also use thermal ice storage for cooling. Ice generated by chillers at night using off peak electricity is stored in thermal tanks then used for cooling during the day to significantly reduce peak daytime electrical consumption when the cooling load is highest.

"The building management system will continually monitor the interior environment and automatically react to changes in internal conditions such as variations in temperature, air quality, natural daylight, or number of occupants. To reduce energy consumption and prolong their lifespan, these intelligent systems will also collate data to predict and optimise energy usage.

"The new headquarters will use 5G network capability to operate intelligent management and biometric security systems that will eliminate contact with communal surfaces by staff and visitors."

The ZHA project team is led by Patrik Schumacher in charge of design; Project Directors Satoshi Ohashi and Michele Pasca di Magliano; Project Designer Maria Tsironi; Project Associate Yang Jingwen; and Project Architect Johannes Elias in collaboration with engineers Ramboll and China Academy of Building Research as local design institute.

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