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They're in bloom! The UK's most-loved floral season kicks off this week with coral charm peonies -- the first peony variety to blossom every spring. And Bloom \& Wild have brand-new peony bouquets to celebrate the glorious occasion.

Get your peony fix before they are all gone, as they're only around for a short but sweet time. Blooming from late April to June.

After the coral charm, peony season welcomes fluffy white peonies. As well as the ever-popular Sarah Bernhardt powder pink peonies, which last from early May through to the end of June.

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Four reasons why we love peonies

1. They magically change colour

As if by magic the petals of the coral charm peony change colour. This stunning variety is famous for its colour-changing petals. Watching them burst open and turn from brilliant coral to blush pink to vintage cream over the course of a few days.

2. Their spectacular bloom

A golf ball-sized bud, when ready, blossoms and opens up to three times the size. Offering a truly spectacular bloom. The size of the flower head means you don't need many to make a real impact.

3. They're ideal for hay fever sufferers

This much-loved flower is said to be one of the most favourable for those who suffer from pollen allergies.

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4. They have a beautiful special meaning

Bloom \& Wild have enlightened us. Peonies apparently symbolise good fortune (needed now more than ever) and a happy marriage -- who knew?!

Image credit: Bloom \& Wild, Tilly bouquet featuring Sarah Bernhardt powder pink peonies

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How to care for your peonies

With some TLC, peonies bloom in beauty for up to five days in a vase. Especially if you take care of them, as Bloom \& Wild florist Harriet Perry explains...

1. Gently give them a wipe

'Peonies can produce nectar (even when cut), which can glue the petals together, so gently wipe away any sap with a warm, damp sponge to help them open up.'

2. Choose a supportive vase

Reach for a jug or kilner jar with a narrow neck. The narrow neck will prop up the stems, allowing the owers to be fanned out for a fuller-looking display.

3. Find your flowers a good home

'Keep peonies away from direct sunlight and radiators, as they're dehydrating. And fruit, because some fruits release gases that can make flowers fade.'

4. Give them a trim

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'Trimming peonies (at the stem) by at least 3-5cm allows water inside to hydrate them fast. And cutting them at an angle gives as much surface area as possible to drink from. Re-trim the stems by 1cm every few days.'

5. Refresh the water

'Flowers don't like drinking dirty water, so it's best to refresh the vase water every few days.'

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Happy Peony season everyone.

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