10 homes designed for practising yoga and meditation

We've rounded up 10 houses from across the globe with rooms dedicated to yoga and meditation -- including a beachfront spot in Mexico and a plywood-covered nook in Canada .

This gabled house in the Canadian town of Hatley, Quebec features a minimally furnished room clad in plywood. Built above the master bedroom, the nook was designed to offer the owners a space for meditation.

Mexico City studio Colectivo Lateral de Arquitectura built a beach house on the Pacific Ocean for clients who envisioned a meditative getaway. One room overlooks the waterfront with sliding glass walls and has a large, round lightwell above.

Lai Yard by Ming Gu Design, China

A glazed extension was added to a Chinese dwelling in Nanjing by Ming Gu Design. The studio created the volume as a place for cultivating mindfulness with an area nearby for preparing and drinking tea.

Deborah Berke Partners has outfitted this residence with separate gyms for a husband and wife in New York's Hamptons area. Sliding glass doors usher in sunlight and provide access to a grassy lawn and outdoor swimming pool.

This house was erected an agricultural plot outside of Melbourne for a writer seeking a change from city life. Inside, the room can be divided using a curtain to create a yoga studio or guest bedroom.

Floor-to-ceiling windows outfit this yoga room to provide views of a rolling meadow in Texas. Designed by Miró Rivera Architects , the residence also provides its own heating and cooling via a geothermal system.

AYC by DX Arquitectos, Chile

DX Arquitectos added a timber-framed extension onto the home of a yoga teacher in Santiago so she can teach classes. The project is for the director of Ashtanga Yoga Chile -- the oldest school in the country specialising in this style of yoga.

A couple with two young children desired a home where they can surf and do yoga, and tasked B.E. Architecture to create it. Located in Queensland , Australia, the abode features several outdoor areas for enjoying the outdoors.

Faulker Architects built a residence near Lake Tahoe as a California retreat for a research scientist who lives in New York City. Inside, a barely-furnished room has floors covered in Japanese tatami mats.

Ceiba House by Jorge Ramírez, Mexico

Architect Jorge Ramírez preserved an old fruit tree when renovating his home in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He then added a studio on top as a place for his wife and himself to practice yoga.

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