Step Inside Franziska's Home - With Flowers Around Every Corner!

Hey there campers. How are you today? Hang on in there friends! And if you're a care worker (or other key worker) reading this after your shift (I know there are quite a few of you) - thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we think you're amazing. Ready for a dose of beautiful interior inspiration? Today it comes in the form of Franziska's home in a small village in South West Germany which she shares with her husband and three sons. There are many things to love about Franziska's home (check out the eclectic chairs, Scandi touches, earthy tones and beautiful light for starters!) - but what really stood out to me were the flowers. Look closely and you'll spot a bloom in every single room except the hallway (but something else will make you smile in that space!). I asked Franziska to tell us why in-season flowers are so important to her, particularly in these times. Enjoy the tour!

"I love playing with flowers and their colours. It's pretty amazing how they can affect an interior. I love it when our home is decorated with seasonal flowers. I particularly like to decorate our table with flowers because I try to make every single dinner a special one for our boys."

"Flowers affect our senses in different ways. I hope that one day my boys can look back and cherish their childhood memories. Maybe they will remember the smell of flowers from our home. The essence of flowers are an excellent tool to connect myself with my inner child."

"In this difficult and crazy time, we are all living in right now, our home is literally our castle. There is nothing more important than a good and safe home."

If you check out Franziska's instagram feed , you'll discover that the display above her bed is continuously changing. Such a lovely sight to wake up to each day, don't you think?

Do you have a flower 'routine' - or perhaps you have a wonderful garden from which you can bring in all kinds of blooms? I'd love to hear about your favourite flowers!

Every Friday I go out and buy a beautiful bunch of flowers for our table. This week it's made up of lilacs and peonies and it smells so wonderful. They really lift my day! Now I'm thinking I might just try to put flowers all over my house this weekend. Nothing complicated - maybe a single peony here and a branch of blossom there. Thank you for the inspiration Franziska!

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