Community-built market completed in northern Ghana by [a]FA

All images courtesy of [applied] Foreign Affairs. Photo by Juergen Strohmayer.

The New Guabuliga Market is a recent design-build project that has been underway from [applied] Foreign Affairs ([a]FA), a transdisciplinary lab at the Institute of of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts Vienna .

Based on research done back in 2018, a team of students designed this modular market structure with the goal of attracting traders to the remote community of Guabuliga in northern Ghana to strengthen the socio-economic health of the region. Photo by Toms Kampars.

Construction began in early 2019 and the market opened in August 2019. The design consists of a "floorscape" and "roofscape" ad utilizes an integrated water source, furniture, and a market shop for locally made products. The structure takes inspiration from the traditional grain silos of the region. Photo by Juergen Strohmayer.

The market was built with local labor and professionals who relied on the direction and expertise of the project partners. Everyone from local masons and welders to seasoned design professionals and people from other walks of life came together to realize this project. The construction has provided jobs for people within the community and it has already begun to increase trade activity in the region. Photo by Juergen Strohmayer.

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