Pink holiday home by KC Design Studio features dedicated cat room

Cats' Pink House is a holiday home in Taiwan that includes cat ladders, a rotating carousel-shaped climbing frame and a fluffy pink swing for the owner's feline companions.

KC Design Studio made everything pink, even the basketball hoop and court for the human occupants.

The three-storey house by the sea is a place for the client to "relax and have fun with her three cats on holiday" said the studio.

A whole room on the second floor is dedicated to the cats, viewable from the master bedroom via a wide picture window.

Pink cat ladders lead up to a writing desk and connect to ledges running around the room.

"The owner can do what she likes to do and play with the cats at the same time," said KC Design Studio. "She can also stay in the master bedroom to observe the cats' moves next door before going to sleep."

Another vantage point for the cats is a large metal spiral staircase that hangs from the ceiling. This cat tree rotates like a carousel for extra feline enrichment.

Pink fuzzy cat beds litter the floor, and a swing with a seat covered in pink fluff hangs from the ceiling, for human or cat enjoyment.

White terrazzo with large flecks of pink and grey forms a plinth that serves as the bathroom floor and the half-wall separating the bathroom. Pink glass, which can be dimmed for privacy, tops this plinth.

Small white tiles line the back wall, with a circular mirror and a hanging globe light over the sink. A pink kitty litter box is tucked under the floating bathroom counter.

Larger square pink tiles continue across the bathroom floor, under and around the stand-alone bath and rose-gold shower.

KC Design Studio used mineral-based paint to achieve the desired pink hue for the walls of the holiday home.

Downstairs on the first floor, the owner's collection of figurines are displayed on rose-gold shelves in arched niches. Podiums dotted around the room display some of the larger art pieces.

A kitchen with a breakfast bar is tucked under a built-in archway lined with curving panels of wood, with the ends painted to match the terrazzo used upstairs.

Pepto-bismol pink stools sit along the breakfast bar, which has a curve carved into the underside.

A long, low pink bench upholstered with pink velvet has matching rounded edges. Three pink velvet chairs with high rounded backs sit on the other side, under the arch niches.

The guest bathroom is screened by a gauzy pink curtain and features a recessed sink that's been painted to look like stone.

Outside, a triangular space surrounding the plot has been turned into a basketball practice area.

The hoop backboard is pink, and stylised markings have been painted onto the floor in candy-colours.

Dark metal shelves line the walls and more figurines sit on matching metal podiums, their chrome surfaces reflected in a mirrored back wall.

This room opens completely to a decked rooftop terrace.

a house with bespoke space-saving furniture.

Other residential projects for clients who want to include their pets include a house in Beijing designed around the needs of a dog with joint disease, and an apartment in Hong Kong that keeps their pet parrot and cat separate at all times.

Photography is by Hey! Cheese.

Project credits:

Client: Ms Yeh
Interior design: KC Design Studio
Lead designer: Kuan-huan Liu

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