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Zen Internet has been voted the UK's best broadband provider, in the annual Broadband Genie home broadband survey.

Never heard of Zen Internet? We bet many haven't, but it's worth finding out more -- as they win the accolade of the best broadband provider. Which right now, as we all work from home, is a hot topic!

The Lancashire internet service provider has been voted most recommended and most trusted. It was also found to offer the fastest standard and super-fast broadband speeds.

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Relatively unheard of Zen was not the only winner. Direct Save Telecom won best value provider and best customer care.

It marks the first time smaller providers have beaten the larger companies to finish top in all the survey categories.

The UK's best broadband provider

With big names dominating the market share, according to Ofcom's research and data, it's all too easy to overlook niche providers.

Third-party websites provide an ideal way to find and compare more specialist ISPs. These smaller companies may suit a user's needs better.

For example, the majority of larger providers have a reputation for poor customer service -- according to Ofcom customer service statistics. It's often felt that smaller providers offer a more personal service.

'To have won five of the Broadband Genie Awards this year is just fantastic,' exclaims Georgina Lord, Managing Director at Zen.

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'And to get top prize of Best Broadband Provider is a real honour and testament to our efforts to consistently provide our customers with the best possible service.'

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'Congratulations to our winners Zen Internet and Direct Save Telecom. This year has been tightly contested,' remarks Alex Tofts, Broadband Expert at Broadband Genie.

'We always look to include as many niche and smaller providers as we can. They continue to do a great job of offering a more personalised service, which can be easily overlooked.'

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