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The nation is on lockdown, but we still need food and essentials. Most of the big supermarkets are struggling to meet demand on their websites, making it a distressing situation for shoppers. Morrrions are leading the way for supermarkets implementing extra health and safety measures in stores.

This week Morrisons took the measure of installing protective screens at the checkouts -- to protect customers and its workers.

The protective screens, which are one and a half metres wide and nearly one metre high, will mean customers and checkout staff will be shielded and at a distance of at least one metre from each other.

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'We want to do our bit to help customers and colleagues from being affected and to help everyone observe social distancing at our checkouts,' explains David Potts, Chief Executive at Morrisons.

'This will help us to continue to play our full part in feeding the nation -- it's more than our job'

Morrisons protective screens to aid social distancing

The news was shared across the supermarket's social media, to ensure all customers are made aware.

The supermarket says, 'We're installing new protective screens at the checkouts in all our stores this week. Our aim is to help keep our customers and our Morrisons key worker colleagues safe, as they work so very hard to feed the nation. Morrisons -- Feeding the Nation #ItsMoreThanOurJob.'

The supermarket hopes to have the new protective screens in all UK stores by the end of the week.

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As well as introducing the protective screens Morrisons is increasing cleaning in stores, particularly at places regularly touched by customers and colleagues.

Morrisons will continue to take cash in stores. However customers are encouraged to make contactless, Apple Pay or Google Pay card payments where possible.

With the help of these measures we hope to stop the spread of the virus, while allowing us to shop for basic necessities.

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