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Tuscany's "sun-faded" buildings informed the interior of this pared-back accessories boutique in Copenhagen , which Danish brand St Leo has washed with soft-pink plaster.

Yvonne Koné is tucked away down a side street in Copenhagen's Gammelholm neighbourhood and offers a selection of leather shoes, bags and small accessories.

After embarking on an inspiring trip to Tuscany in the summer of 2019, the brand's eponymous founder wanted to swap the muted colours in the store for richer hues that reflect the Italian landscape.

"The natural, warm, sun-faded walls made every colour seem so beautiful and I wanted to bring that soft feeling to the walls of my store."

To achieve this, Koné worked alongside Danish surface-material brand St Leo to develop a bespoke rosy pink plaster that's crafted from a mix of dolomite stone and recycled ash.

It has been applied across the entire store, including its ceiling, and three chunky shelves that run the length of one of the walls.

"As the colour changes with the sunlight during the day, I have noticed how difficult it is to capture and define it and to me that makes it even more interesting."

The plaster has been washed across the store's few fixtures, like the blocky service bar and the countertop of a low-lying shelving unit that sits at the rear of the space.

Decor is otherwise restricted to a large circular mirror, a rough stone pot that holds a tall leafy tree and a pendant lamp, which comprises three cream-coloured glass orbs.

A flash of colour is provided by a sky-blue curtain that's drawn in front of an arched doorway, concealing back-of-house facilities. Dark-wood floorboards also run throughout.

"For as long as I can remember I've always had a preference for simplicity, no matter the trends, so it only felt natural to give my store a clean and calm atmosphere, just like I prefer in my home," added Koné.

Yvonne Koné is one of many design-focused boutiques in Copenhagen. Others include Axel Arigato , which boasts stark concrete surfaces and bum-shaped sculptures.

There is also Mark Kenly Domino Tan , which has a delicate mix of glass-brick partitions and birch veneer fixtures.

Photography is by Line Thit Klein .

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