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It's a movement sweeping social media. The #sinkie is quite literally a safe space for Instagrammers to share pictures of their kitchen sinks -- styled with flowers.

And while following the 'sinkie' trend is niche, quite frankly at the moment we'll happily gaze at flowers in beautiful kitchens for hours -- anything for a bit of escapism.

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It's time to clear the dishes out and make sure our sinks are looking their best...

The trend seems to be aimed primarily for weekend enjoyment -- with #saturdaysinkies trending.

Just today there are over 2000 posts using the hashtag sinkie, with over 300 adding the Saturday element to the post.

We tell you it was niche, but nice all the same...

Latest #sinkie posts

It's all about floral Friday for this homeowner. With only a few decorative trinkets on the shelf this spotless kitchen is beautifully accentuated by these fresh blooms in the sink.

Just four freshly cut hydrangea heads are more than enough to captivate in this shot.

A bouquet that stunning deserves a quick 'sinkie' before gracing the coffee table.

Ah, who doesn't love a pretty peony? These pink stems are the perfect accent against the striking navy units.

These flowers are in good company, surrounded by lush potted plants.

Sunflowers entirely take over this traditional ceramic sink.

The sunny yellow blooms are the star of this sink shot. Although the kitchen does also boast a vase filled with elegant white lilies and a few trailing plants dressing the shelves.

Video Of The Week

Elegant flowers for an elegant sink, a match made in style heaven.

This Instagram fan couldn't resist doing a sink shot with these gorgeous flowers.

Tulips are a simple supermarket favourite -- meaning you don't have to spend a lot to have fresh flowers in your home.

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Happy Saturday 'sinkie' snapping everyone.

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