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Denmark closed for business last night (more of which at the end of the post), driving everyone to the safe haven of their homes for the next fortnight. Swede Ulrika Horn has retired to her home in Helsingør, Denmark where she lives in a 1950's 'murmestervilla' with her Danish husband and their two daughters. The pair bought the house back in 2008 and have been renovating it ever since. Today it's finally ready and the family enjoy a home full of treasured vintage and antique finds as well as some more modern pieces. The super mysigt (cosy) home combines rustic, industrial and bohemian charm and a place where Swedish and danish style can come together in perfect harmony! I especially love the 'garden room' which the use from late spring when they're not in the garden taking in the views over the Öresund strait. Enjoy the tour! Remember that garden room I was talking about in the introduction? Here it is (it's like stepping into Summer!):

I especially love the chequered floor in the hallway and the garden room - so pretty!

You can see more of Ulrika's home on her instagram @a_nordic_story . Word on the street is that they recently bought a summer cottage in Sweden - I can't wait to follow the progress!

I also promised to come back to my comment about Denmark on shut down. I don't really want to talk too much about the Corona Virus here as I see this as a positive bubble in which to escape each day. But it would have been weird to feature a Danish home today and not mention it.

So, just to share my thoughts - my heart goes out to those currently affected. I'm a little worried of course, as we should be, and I'm certainly washing my hands A LOT and taking responsibility wherever possible. I'm also following the news and following the advice of the Swedish government. For now, we're still going about our business but they've banned large events and gatherings of over 500 people, which makes total sense. I wouldn't be surprised if they take stronger measures very soon, and this would be welcomed. But I haven't gone out and bought 200 loo rolls just yet. I'm not actually sure where I'd put them?!

What are your sentiments? Are you concerned? It would be interesting to hear what's happening in your country.

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