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If you're looking for a pillow to clean up your sleep and skin, then look no further than the new Asda copper pillow.

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To celebrate World Sleep Day this Friday, Asda has launched a copper pillow. The cover of the pillow is infused with copper, known for its antibacterial and skin-friendly properties.

Asda copper pillow

Copper textiles aren't anything new, commonly used in hospital bed linens because of its antibacterial properties. The metal has even been used in bandages to help speed up the healing process.

It is no surprise that the miracle metal quickly made its way into our home. Copper pillows have been making waves among beauty experts for a few years as a miracle worker for your skin.

The antibacterial and healing properties in the copper can help prevent and repair acne breakouts. There have even been claims that it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

We were sceptical, however, there is evidence to back these claims up. Studies in the Journal of Dermatology, showed that continued exposure to copper oxide-embedded textiles, such as a pillow liner, can significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles. The studies were also shown to prevent sagging and enhance skin elasticity.

Priced at £10, Asda's copper pillow is one of the cheapest out there. Some copper-infused pillowcases alone can cost up to £85! It's even cheaper than most anti-ageing creams that promise similar results.

Unfortunately, the copper pillows are currently out of stock. But we will let you know when they are back on the shelves.

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In the meantime, if you are looking for another antibacterial pillow, Asda has also launched a bamboo pillow.

Asda bamboo pillow

Bamboo is an absorbent fibre that is naturally antibacterial. So should help battle bacteria and dust mites. Made with a mix of bamboo fibres and polyester, the pillow is soft and fluffy, perfect for good night sleep.

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Will you be treating yourself to a new pillow this Friday?

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