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It's time to revisit school days by using blown-out eggs to create colourful Easter decorations to brighten up your décor. It's the perfect crafty project for getting the kids involved during the school holidays, too.

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Chalky furniture paint is just the thing for colouring delicate eggshells to hang on branches collected from the garden to make a beautiful Easter centrepiece. Let your imagination run wild with spots, stripes or even fun faces!

What you need

  • Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint
  • Eggs
  • Cloths
  • Bowl
  • Paint tin opener
  • Paint stirring sticks
  • Pencil with rubber top
  • Nail
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Wooden Skewers

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1. Make holes in your eggs

Holding the egg above a bowl, carefully tap and push a hole in the top centre of the egg with a nail. Push the nail in as far as it will go and remove. Take your cocktail stick and insert it into the hole; stir it around to help break up the yolk. Flip the egg over and repeat the whole process on the opposite side.

2. Empty out each egg's contents

Hold the egg over a bowl and flush out the contents of the egg by blowing through a hole. Once all contents of the egg have been emptied, clean the egg shell with water. Wipe carefully with a cloth and leave to dry. Prepare more egg in the same way.

3. Place them on skewers

To make decorating easier, carefully thread your clean eggshells onto wooden skewers.

4. Decorate your eggs

Time to get creative with your designs! We painted polka dot eggs, marble eggs, dipped eggs and more. Try Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint -- it's water- based, so has virtually no odour and is available in 34 shades, perfect for Easter colour schemes.

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There's also no need to prime as chalk paint will stick to virtually any surface!

5. Create your decorations

Once dry, use your eggs to create beautiful Easter table decorations. You can place them in a basket, or easily hang them from branches by gluing ribbon onto the egg.

Now you're finished, you can make a yummy omelette with all your leftover unused egg centres.

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