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Formafantasma investigates impact of timber industry at Cambio exhibition


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has curated a research-focused

at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London, UK, which aims to unravel the global impact of the forestry industry.

Entitled Cambio, the show sheds light on the legality and environmental impact of the extraction, production and distribution of wood to make products around the world.

It is the third design exhibition hosted by the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in its history, though unconventionally, its focus is on process and ecological concerns rather than on finished objects.

intention is to demonstrate that the use of timber is not always as sustainable as it seems, and invite designers to question their role in creating a more sustainable future.

Aptly, all the shelving used throughout the exhibition was crafted by Formafantasma from a single pine tree salvaged from Val di Fiemme -- a forest in northern Italy that was destroyed in 2018 by a storm.

The reason is to spotlight that if it had not have used it, the tree would have been left to rot and the carbon dioxide it had stored over its growth would be released back to the atmosphere.

"The reason why it is important is this deeper is because in this one area, carbon dioxide will be released, which is not possible to handle from the system," said Farresin.

"Of course it's more symbolic gesture because removing one tree is basically nothing in the area, nevertheless it just a way to show that in design even the smallest decision can be a more contextual and self aware decision that goes beyond aesthetics and formal preferences."

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