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We first reported on Relay Design Agency's Arcade Collection last September, after its debut at the London Design Festival . Starting today, Arcade will be on view at Collectible in Brussels, featuring commissioned works by Attua Aparicio, Robin Grasby, HAHA Studio, Jochen Holz, Richard Healy, and Silo Studio. "Arcade has a strong focus on experimentation," said Neil Walsh, Managing Director at RDA. "The only adherence is that all pieces, be they an item of furniture, lighting or an object, must have a perceivable function." The resulting works focus on the surface tensions of material production, harnessing technology to push the boundaries of craft and developing originality in application. By co-opting the processes of commercial industry in the context of the artist's studio, each designer is able to explore finishes as a vernacular unto themselves. Take, for instance, the oxidized and anodized metal productions of HAHA Studio and Silo Studio, respectively; or Richard Healy's slick lilac metal surfaces suspended in cast concrete. Robin Grasby further explores suspended forms with marble remnants cast into a glass-topped dining table, a fruitful ecological angle serendipitously echoed by Attua Aparico's ceramics, which incorporate waste borosilicate glass. Jochen Holz , whose "blobby glass objects" we covered earlier this year, continues his exploration of sculptural lighting with the production of his first ever mirror work. The collection is on view from March 5th-8th.

Photographed by Lewis Roland at Plastiques.

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